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Hello!! 🌈 welcome to my profile🌈
Im a 21 yt old artist who does pretty much about anything and I love to make new things and meet new people! I’m happily taken, bisexual, trans demiboy, he/her, and Puerto Rican 😎


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hello! my name is matio/Matt and I’m new to this site (in 2021). I had been here previously but I lost my password to my account so my old account is still most likely roaming somewhere but here’s a few things about me if you’re interested in what I do ^^.

Right now I’m a student of animation, I’ve been animating for as long as I can remember, youngest been 10. I had my first DSI and I made (and still make) animations in it and people knew me in Flipnote specifically as stephano (from pewdiepie). I made a lot of animation stuff there and I decided to take it out there and make it my profession.

Thanks to the university I attend to ive learned how to do many things but instead of telling you those I’ll make a list of things I know what to do, also counting what I thought myself as a growing cosplayer.

-3D modeling





-grabado (art in engraving)



-story boarder

-voice acting



  • filming and movie director


I also forgot to add that I speak two languages which is Spanish and English. I tried to teach myself Japanese when I was in high school but I got caught up with college and decided to stop so my knowledge in the language is very minimalistic.

I was born and grew up in Puerto Rico, it’s not easy been an animator in Puerto Rico since a lot of the times money is tight so usually I have my commissions open.

i cosplay and do a lot of prop work but thanks to corona virus that has been in a halt for my safety and others but once things start normalizing I will post about it ^^


Open for commissions!!



•I’m willing to do Nsfw except for: GORE, LOLI, SCAT, AND DIAPER.

prices depend on the amount of characters in the drawing and what type of drawing you want. If it’s a $10 commission and you want a extra character it will be $20. Or if it’s a $10 dollar character and it’s a robot with a lot of details it will be $20.

message me if you want a commission. I’m currently looking for a job as an artists, animator, and script writer so if you’re looking for one please message me!!

if you want to simply support me Paypal link


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